Our Mission

To help busy professionals, women, and minorities achieve wealth through passively investing in apartment buildings and alternative assets. Our dedicated and highly knowledgeable team will do the hard work of managing the property and overseeing capital improvement projects so that you will receive the projected returns on your investments.

Our Portfolio
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We strive to invest in assests with below targeted returns


targeted Cash-on-cash


Targeted IRR


Average Annual Return


Targeted Equity Multiple

Melvin and Jacqueline Landry

We are the founders of More-Land Equity Capital, LLC. We are not in the business of buying and selling land, at least not yet. Our company name was created from Jacqueline's last name Morelli, which we shorten to "More" and Melvin's last name Landry, which we shortened to "Land". "Equity Capital" came about because we provide investors with the opportunity to passively invest their capital in real estate assets that appreciates in value.


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What is syndication?
What are your return projections and how are they calculated?
What is the minimum investment?
How will you communicate with me?
Do you invest in your own deals?
Can I invest using a retirement account (IRA or solo IRA)?
What is a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)?
When will I get my original investment back and what is the expected hold period?
When and how will I get paid?
What are the tax implications?
Do you perform sensitivity analysis?
What are the general partner fees?

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