Today we introduce Melvin Landry, currently an operator of 248 multifamily units and 517 self-storage doors while also a limited partner on 2,710 additional doors. Hailing originally from Louisiana with procurement and college professor backgrounds, Melvin brings relentless positivity and success-oriented, ""beast mode"" energy towards massive expansion in Pittsburgh real estate during 2024. We explore Melvin's adventurous rollercoaster journey into real estate, including downturns that taught resilience, before his fierce comeback with full momentum. Melvin shares how maintaining faith and an obsession for achievement drives his positive mindset. He explains how connecting with people from all walks of life, from homeless to millionaires, has unlocked opportunities. We discuss how Melvin synchronizes his procurement negotiating skills and passion for educating others with his investing. Finally, Melvin leaves us with advice on starting small in real estate, getting educated, plus the power of giving back.


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